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Winter Conditions in Yosemite Valley

After some days in the valley, the next coldfront arrived and snowed in richly the whole Yosemite. It`s hard to stay motivated when plans have to be changed every day. An attempt on Lurking Fear, a shorter route on el cap, failed because of the wet and falling ice. At least we got some beautiful views those days.

Matteo leads th first pitch

First days in Yosemite

At the same time we reached california, also a front with bad weather rolled over yosemite valley and covered the golden granit with a cold and icy curtain. Weiterlesen

Glatte Platte

Eldorado Septumania und Wenden Excalibur mit Kletterlehrer Silvan

Mit Sandra konnte ich diesen Sommer einige Klassiker im Berner Oberland Klettern. Ein grosses Vergnügen und ein ebenso grosses Privileg für mich. Merci und Bravo!

Hier gibts Infos über geführte Touren mit Kletterlehrer Silvan


Perfect Rock

Eigernordwand La Vida es Silbar and Deep Blue Sea

Some Weeks ago, there was this great summertime and I escaped the heat of August to the Eiger North Face with Matteo. Since the central part still looked wet, we decided to climb deep blue sea as a warm up and going on for la vida es silbar the next two days. So we did three days long, what we like the most; climbing, climbing and drinking beer in the bivy.
Deep blue sea is nicely bolted. It has some mandatory moves but in the end it`s not dangerous. And the route is also not so long. La vida es silbar has some sandbagged pitches. One really must climb for the given grades on the hard pitches. But there are plenty of bolts. It seems that it was drilled from bolt to bolt on the hard sections.

Anyway it was a nice adventure with a good friend

Spektakulär und anhaltend

Die drei blinden Mäuse am klein Bielenhorn

So many nice climbs during the good weather this summer. Here some pics of a climb I did a few weeks ago with Tim Weiterlesen


Greenland Diary Episode 4: Wondering around in the wild

After a total of 10 days climbing on the wall, we wanted to see more of greenlands unique nature. Weiterlesen


Greenland Diary Episode 3: Second attempt on Ulamertorsuaq

Since we failed due to the rain on our first attempt, we rested some days in the base camp until July 15, when we walked up again to the base of the Ulamertorsaq West Face. Weiterlesen

The epic slab day starts

Greenland Diary Episode 2: first free attempt on Piteraq at Ulamertorsuaq

On July 6 we finally got our gear and started straight in the Tasermiut Fjord with our Zodiac. Weiterlesen


Greenland Diary Episode 1: first days in Nanortalik

Finally arrived in Nanortalik, we realised that our gear hadn`t arrived yet. So we spend our time sailing around with our small rental Zodiac. Actually it`s quiet fun to be independent and being able to visit so many beautiful places.

Anyway I`m happy that today our gear arrived and we can head to our first goal, trying to freeclimb a hard aid route on the 1000m South Face of Ulamertoq. We are definitively off now for 27 days. Yess!

bivy on the top

Summary South Greenland Climbing 2015

During July 2015, Together with Bernadette I stayed in the Tasermiut Area for free climbing the existing aid route „Piteraq“ on the bigwall of Ulamertorsuaq

Check out Summary in the PDFs below

English_Southgreenland climbing 2015

Deutsch_Klettern in Südgrönland 2015

Aktuelle Kletterberichte+News+Infos zum Kletterlehrer Silvan